Garlic Press Stainless Steel Kitchen Kimire Garlic Mincer and Chopper Garlic Peeler Silicone Tube Roller and Crusher Garlic Tools Ergonomic Handles Kitchenware Cooking Equipment (Garlic Press)

Garlic Press Stainless Steel Kitchen Kimire Garlic Mincer and Chopper Garlic Peeler Silicone Tube Roller and Crusher Garlic Tools Ergonomic Handles Kitchenware Cooking Equipment (Garlic Press)

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Garlic Press Material: Food Grade FDA approved silicone for the peeler. Garlic press is made of the highest quality materials,solid stainless steel and durable for the press. If you are looking for kitchen tools that will last a lifetime, you've found them. Garlic Press Design: This garlic press chopper is designed with easy to squeeze handles that make it even a perfect garlic press for everyone. The garlic press large capacity allows it to hold 2 to 3 garlic cloves at a time, which make it more efficient, this can be a huge time saver if you are preparing food for more people. What's more, the garlic press no need to peel garlic before hand, just squeeze, minced garlic comes out and peels stay in! Garlic Press Advantage: Now,garlic hand and finger odor is a thing in the Past. Slicing it leaves your hands with garlicky odor that won't wash away! Use the garlic press,you can finally say goodbye to your hands garlic odor! Add delicious, fresh minced or sliced garlic to all you food meals in seconds. Home made garlic bread, rich pasta sauce, mouthwatering hummus, oven roast veggies, mashed potatoes and so on. Garlic Press Feature: 1. Stainless-steel construction, can't bend,break or weaken at the joints. 2. The handle is engineered to provide maximum torque with minimal effort. 3. It's dishwasher safe and a handy handle loop,so you can hang it up for easy storage when you're done. 4. It's the perfect gift for chef's and foodies,if you are someone who loves cooking and wants to make the best out of every dish. Package Includes: (1)1XStainless Steel Garlic Press(Size: 7.67 x 2.36 inch) (2)1XSilicone Tube Peeler Roller (3)1XCleaning Brush Package Weight: 300g

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  • Tamaño: Garlic Press
  • Dimensiones del artículo (pulgadas): 7.67 x 1.37 x 2.36
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  • Dimensiones del empaque (pulgadas): 8.07 x 2.95 x 1.77


  • Garlic Peel Before Slicing:Cooking with garlic doesn't involve smelly hands anymore,peel garlic skin off cloves easily and quickly with the Tube Peeler. Simply place clove in peeler and roll it on the kitchen counter while adding some pressure. Out comes the clean clove with the skin left behind! All done within seconds,so easy! You will have the complete kitchen-pro experience.
  • Garlic Peel Construction:This garlic press Built from solid,high quality stainless steel,never rust,break or wear out,ensure it's durability and long lifespan.This garlic press chopper is approved by FDA, you can rest assured to use this garlic press and peeler set in your everyday cooking.Add the strong Garlic Press and the durable Peeler to your kitchen equipment and you will never have to replace them!
  • Efficient Press Garlic Chopper:Mincing both unpeeled and peeled garlic cloves with this garlic press mincer is quickly and easily. A simple squeeze could save you a lot of time and efforts,the large handles of your new garlic presser will make squeezing easier than ever! Better yet,garlic mincer is designed to mince garlic into fine and uniform size and achieve the minimum waste of garlic,you have perfectly minced cloves within a few seconds.
  • Garlic Press with Cleaning Tool: This garlic press stainless steel tool comes with a rotatable garlic press large hopper that not only fits big garlic cloves but also gets cleaned easier with the brush included. We added a free cleaning brush,you can clean garlic press under water.In order to clean garlic press time faster, you can also put it in the your dishwasher to save your time.Cleaning is no longer a burden in your kitchen life, super simple.
  • Forget Garlic Finger Smell: Don't you hate it when you slice garlic and that strong smell stays on your fingers for the rest of the day? Then you touch your hair, clothes and face before you know it, your whole body smells garlicky. Now,You can avoid smelly fingers after cooking with the help of the Garlic Press. You can put the unpeeled cloves straight in the garlic crusher or you can peel them with the free silicone tube garlic peeler we added in,you can rely on them in the kitchen work.
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