Bike accessories & Cycling equipment set : Bicycle Phone Handlebar Mount ( iPhone, Samsung, Etc.), Water Backpack, Bicycles Seats Cushion Cover, Under Seat Pouch, Bikes Repair Tool Kit, & Mini Pump

Bike accessories & Cycling equipment set : Bicycle Phone Handlebar Mount ( iPhone, Samsung, Etc.), Water Backpack, Bicycles Seats Cushion Cover, Under Seat Pouch, Bikes Repair Tool Kit, & Mini Pump

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If you enjoy biking the great outdoors, but hate leaving valuables behind, this all-inclusive cycle kit is the answer to your prayers. Cycling is not only great exercise, but it's a fun way to travel. However bikes don't have much on-board storage. Not only that, but many bicycle pants don't have adequate pocket space for taking along your valuables. You certainly don't want to leave things like your wireless devices, wallet, glasses and other items in the car where you can't keep an eye on them. Especially if you're planning an all-day ride or an overnight stay. There's no reason to leave any of your stuff behind! The BVB Sports Bicycle Kit comes with everything you need to hit the road. Don't worry about your personal belongings not being secured, or getting stuck in a remote location in need of a repair. It's important to stay properly hydrated out on the road. BVB Sports is here to make sure you're prepared! Water bottles aren't practical, but our water backpack is an ingenious way to carry liquid refreshments and deliver it to your mouth. No need to take your hands off the handlebar and your eyes off the road to reach for a water bottle, which can be dangerous. Riding for long hours can cause pressure on your legs and pelvic region, which can lead to numbness. Our silicone seat cushion lets you ride longer and in total comfort for a more enjoyable riding experience. You're ready to go as soon as your package arrives: No need to purchase anything extra; this kit gives you everything in one package. Handlebar dock for phones makes using your phone's GPS a breeze when you're out on a trip. Made of durable, high strength plastic. The BVB Sports bike kit comes with unique customer support straight from the seller. So what are you waiting for?!. Don't wait! Enjoy.

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  • USE YOUR MOBILE CELLULAR PHONE'S GPS OR LISTEN TO MUSIC WHILE RIDING! BVB Sports universal smartphone stand mounts easily to your bicycles handlebars. It is designed to fit many large and small smart phone models: Samsung Note & Galaxy, Apple iPhone regular and plus models, HTC and most MP3 audio players too! Secure fit means you won't have to worry about your expensive smartphone getting broken. This holder handle bar mount is easy to adjust
  • MAKE YOUR RIDE MORE COMFORTABLE WITH OUR SILICONE SEAT CUSHION - allowing you to ride longer and with more enjoyment. The BVB Sports premium quality silicone bike seat cover reduces pressure on your rear and crotch making riding more comfortable while out on two-wheeled adventures. It's one of the first accessories to purchase if you're a new rider. Will fit nearly all standard seat sizes. Durable material provides many years of riding
  • DRINK WHILE RIDING WITHOUT HAVING TO TAKE YOUR HANDS OFF THE HANDLEBARS: Ride your bicycle safely with BVB Sports convenient hydration drinking backpack. Ride longer while keeping your thirst quenched as the backpack holds more than traditional water bottles. The drinking backpack can be filled with your choice of drink and placed comfortably on your back while riding. Extendable straw bends for easy access. Perfect also for hiking, climbing and backpacking. Can be used with a motorcycle
  • KEEP EVERYTHING HANDY IN ONE PLACE - SECURE UNDER SEAT POUCH: Take your valuables along with you using the BVB Sports seat pouch. No need to leave personal belongings in the car or at home. This handy pouch securely connects to the under side of your bicycle seat to hold your personal items such as glasses, keys, wallet, money, tools and other small items. No screws or tools needed for mounting
  • NEVER GET STUCK WITH A FLAT AGAIN - BONUS HANDY FLAT TIRE REPAIR KIT. Flat tires won't end your riding adventure. BVB Sports kit comes with everything you need to patch that rubber out on the road so you can quickly get back in the saddle and on your way. Includes handy mini pump that attaches to the bike with a special stand, flat tire repair stickers, special strong, and special repair tools. Includes a calorie burning guide chart for those on a fitness plan can remain in optimal health
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