Clara in the Caribbean: Grab a rum punch and escape to Barbados in this scorching sunlounger read. (Clara Andrews Book 6)

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Clara is back!Almost a year has passed since Clara returned to the big smoke and she couldn't be happier to be back in her city.With the perfect husband, her best friends for neighbours and a beautiful baby boy, Clara feels like every aspect of her life has finally fallen into place.It’s not just Clara who things are going well for. The Strokers have made the move back from the land down under and Lianna is on cloud nine – literally.Not only has she been jetting across the globe with her interior design firm, Periwinkle, she has also met the man of her dreams… again.For the past twelve months Li has been having a long distance relationship with Vernon Clarke, a handsome man she met a year earlier on the beautiful island of Barbados.After spending just seven short days together, Lianna decided that Vernon was the man for her and they have been Skype smooching ever since.Due to Li’s disastrous dating history, it’s fair to say that Clara is more than a little dubious about Vernon being ‘The One.’ So, when her neighbours invite Clara to their villa in the Caribbean, she can’t resist the chance of checking out the mysterious Vernon for herself.Has Lianna finally found true love?Will Vernon turn out to a knight in shining armour or just another fool in tin foil?Grab a rum punch and join Clara and the gang as they fly off to paradise in this sizzling summer read!Praise for the CLARA ANDREWS series –“Every so often you stumble upon an author where you can't get enough of their books and Lacey London is that author.”“I just love Lacey London's writing style and humour!”“Funny, romantic, silly and the characters are out of this world.”“I love this entire series.”Praise for Lacey London - "I love Lacey's style of writing!""Lacey London has achieved what other authors struggle to do by keeping the reader hooked!""There is a true art to writing a series of books that just keep getting better and Lacey definitely has it.""Reading this book is like having your best friend right there next to you..."The other books in the Clara series are available to download now from Amazon.

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  • Autor: Lacey London
  • Editorial: SSO Publishing
  • Formato: Kindle eBook
  • Número de páginas: 268
  • Idioma: English (Published)
  • Autografiado: No
  • Memorabilia: No
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