Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade 10 Lb

Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade 10 Lb

Por DiatomaceousEarth

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Diatomaceous earth (de) is made of tiny, fossilized diatoms (aquatic organisms) that accumulated over millennia in fresh water lakes. When mined and left untreated, this amazing product can be used in hundreds of different ways. However, not all diatomaceous earth is created equal. While most other manufacturer's hand scoop de into zip lock bags, diatomaceous earth brand de is professionally packaged using stainless steel equipment. Because of this process, you can be confident there are no contaminants in your food grade diatomaceous earth.

Detalles del producto

  • Marca: DiatomaceousEarth
  • Autografiado: No
  • Memorabilia: No
  • Tamaño: 10 Lb
  • Peso del artículo (libras): 10.3
  • Dimensiones del artículo (pulgadas): 16 x 9 x 7
  • Peso del empaque (libras): 10.15
  • Dimensiones del empaque (pulgadas): 16.5 x 10.98 x 5.51


  • Food grade de - meets U.S. Food chemicals codex standards
  • Omri listed - for organic use
  • Natural product - safe for human or animal consumption
  • No additives - 100% pure freshwater diatomaceous earth
  • No contaminants - professionally packaged using stainless steel machinery
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